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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Free Center. Free Center prides itself on being the most up-to-date and most interactive free-stuff website around. We offer a great variety of advertising packages, with a discount to first-time advertisers - all first time advertisers will receive a 10% discount on their initial order.

We offer three different types of advertising - banner advertising, newsletter advertising, and link advertising. We do not accept get rich quick programs, such as the "Cookie Cutter" system, or any form of MLM programs. We reserve the right to reject ANY advertisment - our users come before our pocketbook.

Ready to start your campaign? Call me at 815-744-3119 to discuss your purchase, or you can always just email me.

Banner Advertising

We support two different banner sizes - 728x90/468x60 and 320x250. We provide real-time statistics and tracking of your adverts, providing information on the number of impressions served, clickthroughs sent, and much more. You may run as many banners as you choose, as well, for no additional fee.

Banner Advertising Price List
Size Cost / View CPM
728x90/468x60 $.025 / View $25.00
320x250 $.015 / View $15.00

Newsletter Advertising

Currently our newsletter reaches well over 75,000 readers (growing over 100 per day), all interested in what both you and I have to say. Text-based newsletter ads are an excellent way to get your message across. To give your advertisment the full impact it deserves, only two advertisments are in each issue. Text ads can be up to 100 words and can not include HTML code (but can include URLs or E-mail addresses). For current rates and availability, email me.

Other Sites

We also have a few other sites you might want to consider advertising on:

  • - target your market with banner ads, which start at only $3 CPM! (You can receive details by mailing here or click here)
  • - another great site in our network, offering banner ads at low prices as well as a great daily newsletter -- reach over 22,000 people at an extremely low price! (You can receive details by mailing here or click here)
  • ohGO - low CPMs and targeted buys are available at this popular webmaster destination. (You can receive details by mailing here or click here)


Ready to start your campaign? Call me at 815-744-3119 to discuss your purchase, or you can always just email me.

If you're already ready, please send your name, E-mail address, and URL along with a list of which items you wish to purchase. Funds must be in American dollars drawn from an American bank. Make checks payable to Jim Reardon.

You can send your order, along with payment, to:

    Jim Reardon
    3906 Wallingford Ave N.
    Seattle, WA 98103

I will contact you for your ad copy or banners upon receipt of payment. I will also notify you of the URL to receive your statistics, if applicable.


If you have any questions, or are intersted in advertising, please contact me using the online form, or email me.