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Free Banner Exchanges

The following free banner exchanges will randomly display your banner based on the number of times you show a banner for them. The ratiotells you how many times YOU have to display a banner in order for them to display yours -- for example, 2:1 means for each time you display 2 banners, they will show yours once. The size is the size of the graphic you must have to participate in their program. Examples of what a service's banners look like, and my comments on them, are available in the full reviews. You may also want to check out some other ways to promote your site!

Title Ratio Size User Reviews 1:1 Several Reviews
Hit Exchange (Click) 5:4 468x60; 400x40; 400x50 Reviews
ExchangeAd 4:3 468x60 Reviews
Link Buddies Varies 468x60 Reviews
Banner Co-Op 1:1 250x72 Reviews
Exchange-It! 2:1 468x60 Reviews
Free Banners 2:1 468x60 Reviews - Free banner exchange 2:1 468x60 Reviews

Listings written by Jim Reardon - Click here to add a Banner Exchange!