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Free homepages are a big business. Geocities alone hosts millions of websites! Homepages offer web storage for your very own website -- be sure that the one you choose offers enough space for yours. You can also see how you transfer files - some offer online browser uploading or editing, and a lot offer FTP transfer. Most homepage providers require advertisments, so remember that you may have to put a banner or a link on your page in order to get the free space these places offer.

Webmasters know it! The most powerful, customizable, FREE webpage on the web can only be found at Web and FTP upload, 100 MB storage, and more! Free!

Title Space CGI Ads Upload User Reviews
FCpages 100 MB N Banner FTP/Web/Java Reviews
Googie Host 11 GB Y Y, Can Remove FTP/Web Reviews Unlimited Y None FTP/Web Reviews
Pagebin 1 Page N N Web Editor Reviews 500 PHP Y FTP/Web Reviews
Tripod 11 Mb Yes Popup FTP/FP/Browser Reviews
7pz Free Hosting 10 GB Y None FTP/SSH Reviews
0zed Unlimited Y N FTP/Web Reviews
Wink Free Hosting Unlimited Y N FTP/Web Reviews
3owl Free Hosting Unlimited Y N FTP/Web Reviews
Free Web Page Hosting 1000 Y N FTP Reviews
No Ads Free Hosting 1000 Y N FTP Reviews
EzhostingX 100 Y N FTP Reviews
Free Hosting No Ads 1 Gb Y N FTP Reviews
Web Free Hosting 300 Mb Y None FTP/Web Reviews
Storm Loader 50 Y Y Web Reviews
Storm Pages 50 Y Y Web Reviews
Angelfire 20 Mb Yes Yes Browser Reviews
TopCities 150 Mb No Banner Web Reviews
Freewebsites 50 N Banner Web Reviews 250 MB Y N PHP Reviews
hPage 300 Mb N Yes Designer Reviews
Black Apple Host 5 GB PHP Y FTP Reviews
uCoz Website Builder N/A N/A Y N/A Reviews
100 Web Space 100 Y Y FTP Reviews 12 No Banner Web Reviews
20m Free web space 20 N Banner FTP/Web Reviews
Above World 25 N Banner Web Reviews
Freeservers 20 Mb No Banner FTP Reviews
Atspace.Com 50 N N FTP Reviews

Listings written by Jim Reardon - Click here to add a Homepage Provider!