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Twitter Google Gadget is in beta. If you have any questions, feel free to mail me.


I don't see my own twitter history. What's up with that?

Click the little down arrow on the gadget and choose "Edit Settings." This will ask you for your Twitter user number. You can get this by viewing your RSS link (at the bottom of your twitter homepage). It's the number at the end of the link. For example, mine is so I enter 1718321 into the blank, and my history is shown.

Is this safe? I don't want to give you my twitter login!

Good. You shouldn't ever give your service logins and passwords, and that's why I made this twitter gadget. There are other gadgets, however, they're done in such a fashion that they require you give your login and password to them. This Google Gadget does not require that you give us your login details - instead, you'll see a login prompt from once you first try to post a Twitter. This means your login details are sent DIRECTLY to - we'll never know your password.

The only thing you give to us is your user number (which is part of your RSS feed - it doesn't appear to be sensitive information). Your twitter text is sent to our servers so we can pass it off to, but it's not logged.

How come my Twitter doesn't show up on my twitter list automatically?

It will, eventually. The content shown is a Twitter application that reloads itself every minute or so.